Founder's Story

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY with West Indian and Black American roots, I was raised on the benefits of natural products to promote and sustain health and wellness.

It was easy to walk down Fulton Street and find street vendors selling everything from incense to raw Shea Butter. As I got older my diet and wellness habits began to change and so did my skin.

After several years of struggling with problematic skin and feeling at the mercy of harsh commercial and medical grade topical treatments, my skin was left with scarring, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. The problem had exacerbated from one to several. 

Enduring serious reactions to traditional treatments led me back to my roots of taking a more holistic approach to health and wellness, so I relocated to Paris, FR and began researching different natural properties promote efficacy and balance. 

I partnered with a highly-respected and renowned cosmetic chemist, who was also a woman of color, and together we began to lay the foundation of developing high-performance plant-based products that prioritize efficacy, inclusivity and intentional of all skin tones. 

-- Nikkia Jackson, N8 Beauty Founder