Founder's Story



Years of seeking solutions for my acne prone skin turned one challenge into several with harsh dermatological treatments, chemical burns by popular acne systems and aggressive topical steroids not addressed to treat the uniqueness of melanin-rich skin.

Now combating hypersensitivity, scarring, hyperpigmentation and acne I felt it was important to level set my entire wellness practices and detox, not only what was going in my body but also what I was putting on my body.

This journey led me to discover not only did beauty products marketed to black women often contained higher levels  of toxic substances, their research and development practices disproportionately focused on caucasian skin with only slight modifications to deeper tones, if at all.

Enduring intense and traumatic reactions to traditional  treatments made me increasingly interested in holistic health and wellness. I believed there were cleaner, more holistic ways to yield greater results using effective, plant-based ingredients that promote balance and healing. 

My ethos is Everything we need to have balance and allow our bodies the space to heal itself, we possess.

It's Your Beauty, Innately.

-- Nikkia Jackson, N8 Beauty Founder